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Lantee Open Foot Half Toe Non Slip Pilates Yoga Socks Reviews

PRICE: $9. 95


SIZES: One-Size-Fits-All (Women SIZES 5-10; Men SIZES 4-9)

PACKAGE (LxWxH): 5. 0" x 5. 0" x 9. 0"

WEIGHT: 0. 10 lbs









DESCRIPTION: Move over, yoga mats. How would you like the peace of mind of a secure, tight grip throughout each pose, without having to lug around the extra hardware? How about on tile, on hardwood, or on the go? Go ahead, leave the yoga mat at home and treat yourself to a few pairs of no-slip yoga socks. At a fraction of the size and weight of a mat, these socks feature grippy silicone beads along all of your foot's most important points of contact and provide fantastic traction, stability, balance and control on a variety of slick surfaces. If you want to stick with a mat, these socks are still a great alternative to bare feet, and offer protection from fungus and other baddies that commonly grow on well-used mats.



These yoga toe socks are constructed with 81% cotton and are breathable & washable. The five toe, open design allows for improved spread and tactile control.   It also supports the natural alignment of your foot, as well as increasing circulation and balance from the beginning of each pose to the end. Ideal for yoga, Pilates, barre, MMA, crossfit, or just about any barefoot exercise that could benefit from superior grip and tactile control.



Machine washable in cold water (dry flat). These socks come in a Small/Medium size that fits Women's sizes 5-10 and Men's sizes 4-9.


AVAILABLE COLORS: Yoga Toe Socks w/Slip-free Texturizing Beads  are available in four (4) colors: black, blue and purple.


SOCK SIZES: The Yoga Toe Socks comes in a one-size-fits-all format. For Women that means that it accommodates sizes 5-10; for Men sizes 4-9.

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